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The Brutal Truth About E-Commerce Fraud and How to Protect Your B2B Business

Updated: Apr 19

By Bhavesh Barot

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In today's booming B2B E-Commerce landscape, growth can be overshadowed by a harsh reality: E-Commerce fraud.  For B2B businesses like yours, a single fraudulent order can disrupt operations and erode profit margins.  E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions are no longer optional – they're essential for safeguarding your success.

This comprehensive guide, brought to you by FactoryJet, a leading provider of B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions, dives deep into the world of E-Commerce fraud. We'll equip you with the knowledge and tools to combat fraudsters, protect your business, and ensure a smooth B2B online selling experience.

Understanding the Enemy: Types of E-Commerce Fraud

The world of E-Commerce thrives on trust, but unfortunately, it also attracts fraudsters with cunning tactics. Here, we'll delve into the most common types of E-Commerce fraud and explore how FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions, coupled with robust E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, can empower you to combat these threats.

Card Testing Fraud: 

This involves fraudsters using stolen credit card details to make small test purchases. Their goal is to verify if the card is active before making larger fraudulent orders. Here's where E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions become your allies. These sophisticated systems analyze vast amounts of data, including order patterns and billing inconsistencies. By identifying suspicious activity, such as multiple small orders from different locations with stolen credit card details, E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can flag these attempts and prevent fraudulent transactions before they impact your business.

Friendly Fraud: 

This occurs when customers dispute legitimate charges with their bank, claiming they never received the product or it wasn't as described. While frustrating, clear return policies are a crucial first line of defense. FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions can help you establish transparent return processes, fostering trust with your customers. Additionally, leveraging E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions with customer behavior analysis capabilities can be highly beneficial. These systems can identify red flags, such as a history of friendly fraud claims or suspicious purchase patterns, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Account Takeover Fraud: 

In this scenario, hackers steal customer login credentials, gain access to their accounts, and make fraudulent purchases. Implementing strong password policies and two-factor authentication (2FA) are essential security measures. However, FactoryJet goes a step further. Our B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions can integrate seamlessly with leading E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions.

These advanced systems monitor login attempts in real-time, and by identifying suspicious activity, such as login attempts from unusual locations or devices, they can prevent account takeover and safeguard your customers' sensitive information.

Promotional Abuse: 

Fraudsters are always on the lookout for ways to exploit loopholes in promotional offers. They might use stolen coupon codes or loyalty programs to make illegitimate gains. Here, the combined power of FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions and E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions shines. Our E-Commerce platform provides robust tools for managing promotions and loyalty programs.

Additionally, E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can analyze order history and identify suspicious activity related to promotions, such as a sudden surge in orders using the same stolen code or loyalty points. This allows you to take swift action and prevent fraudulent abuse.

Triangulation Fraud: 

This deceptive scheme involves fraudsters using a stolen credit card to purchase goods and have them shipped to a middleman, who then forwards them to the actual fraudster. This creates a layer of separation, making it harder to track the stolen goods. However, E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions with address verification and IP geolocation can be a game-changer. These systems can identify inconsistencies between billing and shipping addresses, as well as detect suspicious IP locations associated with known fraud attempts. This empowers you to flag such orders and prevent fraudulent transactions before they slip through the cracks.

By understanding these common types of E-Commerce fraud and leveraging the combined strength of FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions and industry-leading E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, you can build robust defenses and ensure a secure and profitable online selling experience for your B2B business.

The Brutal Cost of E-Commerce Fraud 

E-Commerce fraud isn't just about lost revenue from stolen credit cards or fake orders. It carries a hidden weight of additional costs that can significantly impact your B2B business. Here's a breakdown of the brutal realities:

Chargeback Fees: 

When customers dispute legitimate charges with their banks (friendly fraud), you, the merchant, may be charged a fee for the disputed transaction. These fees can eat into your profits, especially if you experience a high volume of fraudulent activity.

Refund Processing: 

Dealing with fraudulent transactions requires time and resources. This includes manually reviewing orders, processing refunds, and potentially engaging in disputes with banks. Imagine the lost productivity and wasted manpower when these tasks become more frequent due to inadequate fraud prevention.

Increased Operational Costs: 

In response to rising fraud, you might implement stricter security measures or manual order reviews. While necessary, these steps can add operational overhead by requiring additional staff or specialized software. 

However, FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions can streamline these processes. Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, allowing you to automate fraud detection and reduce the need for costly manual interventions.

Reputational Damage: 

Frequent fraud can erode customer trust. When customers fall victim to fraudulent activity on your platform, it can damage your reputation and deter legitimate buyers.  E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions play a crucial role here, by protecting your customers from fraud and fostering a secure buying environment that builds trust and loyalty.

By investing in robust E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions alongside FactoryJet's secure B2B E-Commerce platform, you can minimize these hidden costs and safeguard your business from the far-reaching consequences of E-Commerce fraud.

E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Solutions for Your Business 

The ever-evolving landscape of E-Commerce fraud demands a multi-layered approach to protection. Here at FactoryJet, we understand the importance of safeguarding your B2B business. That's why we strongly recommend integrating our secure B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions with robust E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions. These specialized services act as your vigilant sentinels, analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time to identify and thwart suspicious transactions before they impact your bottom line.

The Power of Data Analysis with E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Solutions

Modern E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to create a comprehensive defense system. Here's a closer look at some of the key tools employed:

Machine Learning and AI: These technologies analyze historical data on past fraudulent attempts to identify patterns and predict future ones. By learning from past experiences, E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can flag orders with characteristics that resemble known fraud schemes, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to these tactics.

Device Fingerprinting: This innovative approach involves creating a unique digital fingerprint of the device used to place an order. This fingerprint considers factors like operating system, browser version, and hardware characteristics. If a device fingerprint associated with past fraudulent activity attempts to place a new order, E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can raise an alert, allowing you to investigate further.

Velocity Checks:  These solutions monitor the frequency and value of orders placed by a single customer or device. Sudden spikes in order volume or unusually high-value purchases can be indicative of fraudulent activity. E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can set thresholds and trigger alerts when these parameters are exceeded, enabling you to take preventive action.

IP Geolocation: Verifying a customer's IP address against their billing address is another crucial step in fraud detection. E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can identify inconsistencies between these locations, potentially indicating a fraudulent attempt where stolen credit card details might be used from a different geographical region.

Database Lookups:  These solutions can check customer information against databases of known fraudsters and blacklisted accounts. This adds an extra layer of security by identifying individuals with a history of fraudulent activity.

Beyond Technology: Building a Comprehensive Fraud Prevention Strategy

While E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions are a powerful tool, a holistic approach is essential. Here are some of the strategies to be considered:

Partner with a Reliable Payment Processor: Choose a payment processor that offers robust security features like tokenization, which replaces sensitive credit card details with a secure token during transactions. Additionally, consider processors that support 3D Secure, a protocol that adds an extra layer of authentication during checkout.

Implement Strong Authentication: Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a significant layer of security. This process requires users to enter not only their password but also a unique code sent to their phone or email after login attempts.  FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions can integrate seamlessly with 2FA systems, providing an additional barrier against unauthorized account access.

Secure Your Website: Maintaining PCI compliance ensures your website adheres to stringent security standards for protecting customer data. Additionally, using HTTPS encryption for all data transmission safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized interception.

Minimize Data Collection: Only collect essential customer information during transactions. This reduces the amount of sensitive data stored on your website and minimizes the potential impact of a data breach.

Educate Yourself and Staff: Stay updated on the latest E-Commerce fraud trends and educate your staff on fraud detection techniques. By empowering your team to identify suspicious activity, you can create a human firewall against fraudulent attempts.

By combining the power of FactoryJet's secure B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions with robust E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions and implementing these additional strategies, you can build a comprehensive defense system and safeguard your business from the ever-present threat of E-Commerce fraud.

Tailoring E-Commerce Fraud Prevention for Different Business Models 

The optimal approach to E-Commerce fraud prevention can vary depending on your specific business model. Here, we'll explore how FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions, coupled with the power of E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, can be tailored to address the unique needs of different E-Commerce platforms.

E-Commerce SaaS Solutions: 

Many E-Commerce SaaS platforms, like FactoryJet, recognize the importance of fraud protection. That's why we offer seamless integrations with leading E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions. This allows you to leverage cutting-edge fraud detection technologies without the complexity of managing separate systems. Additionally, these integrations are often cost-effective and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth integration process and minimal disruption to your existing workflow.

No-Code E-Commerce Store Builders: 

For businesses utilizing no-code E-Commerce store builders, the good news is that many of these platforms offer built-in fraud detection functionalities. However, protection levels can vary. Explore these options carefully during platform selection. 

If the built-in features seem insufficient, consider exploring the possibility of integrating external E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions. FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce platform offers high levels of customization, allowing you to integrate your preferred  E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions to achieve the desired level of protection.

B2B E-Commerce Solutions: 

B2B transactions often involve higher order values compared to B2C transactions. This can make B2B businesses more susceptible to targeted fraud attempts. Implementing stricter E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions becomes even more crucial. 

FactoryJet's platform can integrate with solutions that offer features like order verification calls. These calls involve contacting the customer directly to confirm the legitimacy of a high-value order, adding an extra layer of security. Additionally, integrating with E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions that possess credit limit checking capabilities can be highly beneficial for B2B businesses offering credit facilities to their customers.

Commerce and Credit as a Service: 

Platforms offering a combined commerce and credit service face a dual challenge: preventing fraudulent transactions and ensuring responsible credit approvals. Here, a two-pronged approach is essential. Utilize E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your platform. Additionally, integrate with risk assessment tools for credit approvals. This ensures that credit lines are extended responsibly, minimizing the risk of bad debt and protecting your business.

By understanding the unique needs of your E-Commerce business model and leveraging the tailored capabilities of FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions alongside powerful E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, you can build a robust defense system and ensure a secure and profitable online selling experience.

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Strategy

The fight against E-Commerce fraud requires constant vigilance and adaptation. Here at FactoryJet, we understand that a successful fraud prevention strategy goes beyond simply blocking transactions.

Finding the Right Balance

  • E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions are powerful tools, but it's crucial to find the right balance. Overly stringent settings can lead to false positives, unnecessarily blocking legitimate customers and hindering your sales.  

  • FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce platform allows you to customize the risk thresholds of your integrated E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions. 

  • This enables you to fine-tune the system to identify and prevent fraud while ensuring a smooth and frictionless buying experience for genuine customers.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

  • E-Commerce fraud is constantly evolving, so your defenses need to adapt as well. Regularly review the performance of your E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions. Analyze the data they provide to identify trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

  • FactoryJet's platform provides insightful data reporting that can help you monitor the effectiveness of your fraud prevention measures. By staying informed and adapting your approach, you can ensure your defenses remain a step ahead of fraudsters.

Remember, E-Commerce fraud prevention is a journey, not a destination. By partnering with FactoryJet for your B2B E-Commerce needs and leveraging the power of robust E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions, you can create a secure and thriving online selling environment for your business.


1.  Are E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions really necessary for B2B businesses?

While B2B transactions often involve established relationships, fraudsters can still target these interactions.  E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions offer an extra layer of security, protecting your business from fraudulent orders, account takeover attempts, and other threats.

2.  How much do E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions cost?

The cost of E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions can vary depending on the features offered and the volume of transactions you process.  Many solutions offer tiered pricing plans, allowing you to find a cost-effective option that meets your specific needs.  FactoryJet's B2B E-Commerce platform integrates seamlessly with leading fraud prevention solutions, often at competitive rates.

3.  Will E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions slow down my checkout process?

Modern fraud prevention solutions work in the background, analyzing data in real-time with minimal impact on your checkout process.  FactoryJet's platform is designed for a smooth user experience, ensuring both security and efficiency for your B2B customers.

4.  What if a legitimate order gets flagged by my E-Commerce fraud prevention solution?

E-Commerce fraud prevention solutions are customizable.  FactoryJet's platform allows you to adjust risk thresholds and review flagged orders. You can then decide whether to approve the order or contact the customer for verification.

5.  How can I stay updated on the latest E-Commerce fraud trends?

Staying informed is crucial.  FactoryJet is committed to providing our B2B customers with valuable resources.  We recommend subscribing to industry publications and blogs focused on E-Commerce security.  Additionally, many E-Commerce fraud prevention solution providers offer educational resources and webinars to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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