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Unleashing the Power of Full Suite E-Commerce with FactoryJet: A Comprehensive Guide


E-commerce has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with more and more businesses realising the power of selling their products online. However, launching and managing an e-commerce store can be complicated, requiring expertise in areas like web design, digital marketing, order and inventory management, payment processing, and more. 

That's where FactoryJet comes in. FactoryJet is an all-in-one e-commerce platform designed to unleash the full potential of online selling for businesses of any size. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key features of FactoryJet and how they enable you to get your e-commerce store up and running quickly while optimising operations.

Simplified Store Setup

One of the biggest obstacles for entrepreneurs starting an online business is the technical complexity of creating a website and e-commerce store. FactoryJet makes store setup simple through an intuitive dashboard interface and step-by-step guided onboarding. 

You can choose one of FactoryJet’s professional pre-made store designs or easily customise the look and feel. The platform handles all the complex backend web development work for you. This enables you to focus on selecting products, configuring pricing and inventory, and launching in just a few clicks.

End-to-End E-Commerce Capabilities

At its core, FactoryJet is a fully featured e-commerce platform providing everything you need to start selling online. Key capabilities include:

  •  Product management: Easily upload and configure products including pricing, images, variants, and metadata.

  • Inventory and order management: FactoryJet tracks inventory levels in real-time and automatically updates product availability. As orders come in, the system adjusts stocks and keeps you notified.

  •  Checkout and payments: FactoryJet equips your store with an optimised checkout process including options for guest and registered user flows. They maintain PCI compliance for secure payment processing via popular payment gateways.

  •  Discount engine: Create volume, customer segment, or loyalty program based pricing rules and discounts all through FactoryJet’s interface.

  •  TAX compliance: FactoryJet helps you remain tax compliant across order processing, invoicing, filing and more.  

  • Reporting: Get insights into store performance through sales reports, visitor metrics, listings analytics and more.

By providing this full e-commerce engine out of the box, FactoryJet makes launching and running an online business seamless.

Optimizing the E-Commerce Flywheel

But FactoryJet goes beyond just e-commerce platform basics. Their suite contains advanced features to help drive continuous improvement across your online business funnel. These capabilities essentially “unleash” the underlying power of your e-commerce flywheel:

  • Attract: Bring more customers to your online store through FactoryJet's integrated digital marketing capabilities including SEO optimization, lead capture offers, and email marketing automation flows.

  • Convert: FactoryJet provides heat mapping and A/B testing capabilities to optimize landing pages. Moreover, personalized on-site messaging and promotions can boost conversion rates.

  • Delight: With FactoryJet handling checkout, payments, order tracking, and returns - you can focus on customer service through their integrated ticketing and loyalty program features.

  • Retain: Email, SMS, and messaging marketing tools make it easy to re-engage customers while affiliate and referral programs incentivize organic promotion.

  • Expand: As your e-commerce operations mature, FactoryJet equips you with capabilities including multi-store management from a single dashboard. You can quickly add offline and third-party sales channels.

By bringing this integrated set of features to accelerate growth, FactoryJet helps your e-commerce flywheel pick up speed rapidly.

Get Started Today 

FactoryJet makes e-commerce success possible for businesses of any scale. Their platform brings simplicity to launching online while unlocking growth opportunities through integrated marketing, payments, and customer engagement features. 

We provide a highly economical solution for constructing, launching, and operating your B2B Online Store with a minimal annual subscription fee.

The world of e-commerce moves fast. Don't get left behind. Unleash the power today with FactoryJet!

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